3 ; 1 ; in Month : June (2021) Article No : sjogr-v3-1007
Joseph Loze Onwude

It is generally accepted worldwide that unopposed non-contraceptive Oestrogens can cause endometrial cancer in women with a uterus. This led to a change of practice that reduced the of incidence endometrial cancer by additional Progestogens. However, this addition became associated with breast cancer. We explored the association between use of unopposed non-contraceptive Oestrogens and endometrial cancer. Methodology: We interviewed the literature for the association between unopposed non-contraceptive oestrogens and endometrial cancer. Results: We found 32 reports of case control studies that recruited women with endometrial cancer that had used unopposed non-contraceptive hormones. Conclusion: We did not find any prospective cause and effect evidence of studies that use of non-contraceptive unopposed Oestrogens can lead to endometrial cancer.

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